Saturday, April 1, 2017


When I read about Darnell's intention to have a second April Fool's Day challenge, I regretted throwing away those goofs.
Wouldn't you know, another one happened. I have made this error before and you would think I should have learned not to do this. I had this card completed and thought it was really cool.
Then tried to open it and oops, I had put the artwork on the back.
UGH! How to fix it? I turned the image over, removed the sentiment--you can use your heat gun to unstick double sided tape and peel the papers apart. I then retaped the sentiment so it now appears on top of the card.
Oh, no. Now the DP is upside down. There are subtle words that you can't tell in the photo. Now they are upside down. To much deconstruction to fix. So the card is either getting discarded or maybe used anyway hoping the recipient will not notice the words.
BTW that orbiting thing is from a clipart photo. And I made my own sentiment.


  1. LOL, it's a good job we can laugh at ourselves isn't it? I usually fix this boo boo easily. I cut the back off the card and remount the front to the front of a fresh base card (no-one knows the difference but you), it makes the card a bit thicker, but it is also sturdier! Have a great weekend! Luv n’ Hugs. Hazel xx
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  2. Such a cool card. Couldn't you just cut the front off and use it as a mat on a little larger card? You'd have to redo your sentiment again, but hopefully it would still come off ok.

  3. Oh, Donna. It took me forever to find the upside down words, so I'll bet the recipient won't notice, lol! Do you know a "mature" gentlemen who has birthday coming up? Men never notice little things like that!

    As we speak, I have two Easter cards on my desk that are on front to back! I do such a good job with my "spatula" folder to flatten my card bases that if I get an assembly line going and don't literally open each one, I can't tell if they are downsideup in the stack. Then I happily sit down to sign them and ... Grrrr!

    I have to say you gave me a tip that will make me forever beholden to you! I'm talking about using the heat gun on the double-sided tape to rectify the misplacement! All this time I've taken my "special tool" to try and get lift off and, in the process, I've felt like a doctor birthin' quads trying to get that sucker off to fix it! (Cuz, of course, I'm one of those fools who puts the tape on every.inch.all.along.all.the.sides!!) So bless you and thank you and thank you for being a good sport and linking your boo-boo!! Love ya! Darnell

  4. I was looking at the first picture trying to sort out the boo boo, but that 2nd photo hit me like a ton of bricks in the collapse of a 3-story building! The word "priceless" comes to mind! ROFL!! I've done this SO often, it's ridiculous! The picture said it all, and like myself - the fix always continues going downhill regardless of how many times you try to fix it! LOL Great make, and thanks for the good chuckle on April Fool's day :)

  5. I've done this myself now and then but most times I was able to get it off okay and redo the card. It still is a pretty card even if done wrong.

  6. Your card is STELLAR and I love it backwards or upside down~I mean in space it technically doesn't matter, right? Thank you for the heat gun fix~I'll have to remember that!

  7. Haven't we all done this!! Often times - I just cut the card in half and mount it on another card base!

  8. I think we've all done this at least once, and most of multiple times! I'd go with the paper. If nothing else, it will bring a chuckle!